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About Nobala

 We work to provide an educational and educational environment capable of building a conscious and creative generation, loyal to its religion and its country, through distinguished educational and administrative cadres and effective community participation in accordance with administrative systems of international quality and the latest contemporary technologies.

Al-Nubalaa Private Schools Company was established in 1414 AH
1993-AD, the company includes both boys and girls departments
At all educational levels, the student is empowered
Female students are able to obtain a study certificate
High school with the curriculum system in its scientific track
And literary

More than 15000  graduates, male and female, have been graduated.
The schools have won numerous awards
World level and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Riyadh level and Al-Shifa office. 

Our Services..

 Efficiency of educational outcomes

Providing solid education through Ministry of Education curricula and document building
Learning outcomes for core subjects in accordance with the center document
Saudi measurement and evaluation, developing appropriate plans to support
Male and female students and enabling them to develop creativity skills
Invention and life.

 Stimulating and integrated environment

Regularly updating and developing school capabilities
And applying new and innovative educational ideas to keep pace with progress
Technology in educational methods, motivating students to participate
Effective in national and international competitions and tests
(Mawhiba - Pibras - Teams - Pearls - National Olympics...)

 Developmental administrative projects

Providing all improvement methods to produce development projects accordingly
School needs. Including the Monitoring Teacher Project, which
It is based on monitoring the student’s performance and development in the educational field
Educational and provides the necessary support and guidance to them, and also cooperates with
Teachers develop educational programs and strategies and care
In constant communication with parents to inform them of their children’s level.

Nobala graduates, .. we are proud of you

Noble graduate/ Abdullah Basalam

Business expert and analyst

Noble graduate/ Ruba Al-Musaed

Doctor of Pediatrics
King Saud Medical City

Noble graduate/Musalat bin Rabi’an

Doctor of Maxillofacial Surgery
teaching assistant at Riyadh Al-Ilm University

Noble graduate/ Oraib Al-Khamis

Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
King Khaled University Hospital

Noble graduate/ Hamad Al-Qahtani

Responsible in the business sector
Ministry of Commerce for Corporate Services

Noble graduate/Amjad Al-Atram

Doctor of dentistry
Clinic in Jeddah

Employment portal..

we have more than 250 employees at Al-Nubalaa Private Schools Company They have high efficiency and a productive, developing and motivated personality, such as  Jabal Tuwaiq. If you have the capabilities and are looking for an inspiring environment, you are welcome to join us.

Frequently asked questions

How can I know my son's level on an ongoing basis ?

The son's level can be known through direct communication with the teacher Follow through the unified number of Al-Nubalaa Private Schools Company 920009659.

What are the opening and closing dates for admission and registration in the school ?

You can access the Abnai platform via the link, and also follow us
On social media accounts to know the opening and closing times

What classes does the school offer ?

All educational levels from the first level in kindergarten to
Third year of secondary school for both sexes, boys and girls.

Are school transportation services provided ?

Yes, school transportation service is provided. You can access the platform
My children, follow the link to follow up on the student’s registration in the transportation service.

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